TDD Workshop: SeeCompass v0.1 is available

After sitting with Roy during our last meeting, we managed to write some neat tests and code and the SEE(Simple Expression Engine) infrastructure started to crystallized. Roy even managed to refactor the name of my infrastructure and brought a brilliant suffix – SeeCompass. SEE is like a compass that helps you navigate in the ocean of data; man, I think that the web-bully will not be happy with this phrase.

If you don’t remember what is SeeCompass all about read this post.

Source: (156.39 KB)

How to start:

1. Open the solution (I know, revolutionary).
2. Open Lnbogen.SeeCompass.Framework.Tests project.
3. Open the file FilterExpressionTests.cs under FilterExpression directory.
4. Jump to the test Build_EmptyFilter_EmptyString (remember the method name structure: MethodToTest_MethodState_ExpectedResult).
5. Move on to the next test, one at a time.

I know, it can be a little hard to grasp the “entire picture” at the moment, but the tests should give you a good pick at the future.
As always, I left one failing test which will lead to a very drastic refactoring (BetweenExpression should have more than one parameter) – this will give me an entry point to continue.


Oren Ellenbogen