Growing organism – based on a real life story

While I was sitting in McDonald’s today, eating some junk-burger, I looked across my table and noticed a beautiful girl. Man, she was something else. A true beauty. I looked at her walking to another table, 20 fit from my table and sitting down. In front of her was a woman. Try to guess on your own, how does the woman look like:

a. A true super-hot-mama, even more beautiful than her daughter(?).
b. Good looking woman.
c. An OK woman.
d. My GOD! What a monster ?!

I’ll let you ponder for a few seconds…

Now that I’m sure you’ve got the right answer, have you ever thought about these questions:

In 15 years, will this beautiful girl will look like her mother(?) ?
Is there any chance that god is just messing with my head and she’ll be a fine woman even if her mother(?) is a….
What about statistics? Anyone knows what are the odds for a beautiful girl to become a beautiful woman ?

And of course, a sick question to recap this self-debate:

What does her father think about this situation ?

For some strange reason, I started to think about applications. I know, I’m sick, no doubt, but bare with me: How many small beautiful applications you developed, become a monstrous Enterprise Applications that are eating their programmers for breakfast ? Go back to my questions and replace the word “girl” with “small application” and the word “mother” with “Enterprise Application”. I think that this symptom of “growing organism” exists in developing real applications and we encounter it every day when we maintain legacy code or patching-up a system that shouldn’t survive the prototype phase.

I guess that just like in life, with good monitoring of our state and good activities, this transformation, this growing, could still be graceful.

I just wonder what are the odds…


Oren Ellenbogen


4 thoughts on “Growing organism – based on a real life story

  1. well,
    it is always about anything.
    if the foundations built from the start are right, then it will grow fine.
    but if you trust on the nature only, the odds that you’ll get a monster at the end are pretty good.

    stop looking at girls and convert it to code…
    thats just wrong…
    leave those beautiful ‘creatures’ as they are… :)

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