Leading Snowflakes is live!

For those who don’t know, Leading Snowflakes is my first self-published eBook, taking everything I know about building a great engineering team and condensing it into a step-by-step guide.

I wrote this book to help Engineering Managers or aspiring managers become more effective at leading software engineers by improving their ability to retrospect, communicate, collaborate, delegate and inspire other people.

After a late night putting on the finishing touches, Leading Snowflakes is live:


A 20%-OFF discount on all three packages will be available for 24 hours (starting April 4th 2014, 8AM EST).


Here is what a few people are saying about it:

Leading Snowflakes

“When I first became a manager, I was hungry to learn as much as I could. If this book had existed back then, I would have bought 3 copies.”
Eli Goodman, former Director of Engineering at Etsy

“I am often in awe as I keep finding Leading Snowflakes addresses the exact challenges I face as a new manager. Reading this book lets me know I’m not alone and provides great perspective and tools to overcome these issues. Leading Snowflakes has definitely made me a better team leader!”
– Ohad Laufer, Engineering Manager at HP Software

“I had the honor to work with Oren for more than 3 years. He is one of those rare people that have an amazing sense to people and situations. Oren was blessed with the ability to analyze a situation, identify the weak spots, “re-factor” so it will work better in the next occasion and create a pragmatic tool so others will benefit from it as well. This is what his book is all about. I really love the “task list” at the end of each chapter.”
Shani Raba, Director of Engineering at Sears Israel

“I had both the pleasure and honor to review early versions of some of the Oren’s book chapters. What an inspiring reading it is! I wish I read this few years ago when I’ve just started to lead developers.
In every chapter Oren starts with the motivation usually based on his personal experience and a deep research of the modern leadership methods. The chapters conclude with clear steps that can be followed to implement what was just learned. This book is a must for both junior and experienced leader that cares about her teammates and wishes to constantly improve.”
Victor Trakhtenberg, Chief Architect, SupportSpace



Oren Ellenbogen

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