Buzzwords mix up

I’m reading one of our client’s characterization in order to determine the amount of time it will be required from us to develop the project. While reading the paper I’ve encountered this hilarious sentence:

“Architecture: Smart-Client application in DNA methodology(3 tiers) with .Net”

(global) Tip: If you don’t understand the meaning of a (buzz)word, don’t use it. It is that simple.

btw – I think that this phrase will win the “How-Many-Buzzwords-Can-You-Put-In-A-Sentence-Without-Knocking-Yourself-Out” contest. I’ll vote for it anyway.


Oren Ellenbogen


3 thoughts on “Buzzwords mix up

  1. Nice one, but they didn’t put in XML and they didn’t put it runtime cconfigurable.

    Architecture: Smart Client Application in DNA metodology (3 tiers) with .Net, using XML messages to enable SOA and UDDI to enable run time configurability of the entire system.

    Not _that_ is an enterprisy application.

  2. As for me, I do not understand why a client even constraint his wanted project to predefined technologies and implementations anyway.
    I find it SOA wierd.
    whoops. so wierd.

    By the way, I’m writing this comment using a superduper hi-tech multitiered web service based connected application, that utilizes data cubes queries by multithreading the underlying infrastructure of the delegated abstraction.

    Neah. Just using a simple keyboard over IE6.

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