Another day at the office

A few pearls from the office:

  • Pasha: Damn, I like TDD so much. Writing a 5 minutes piece of code takes about a day (sarcastic tone, of course).

  • Aviel: in my case, code does not come from my head but rather from my heart.
    Pasha: I saw your code. It comes from your ass.

  • Me: Integration environment is the Tamagochi of an Agile Team

  • (Phone ringing, Pasha answers)
    Robert: I’m Robert.
    Pasha: I’m Robert.
    Robert: I’m Robert.
    Pasha: I’m not Robert, I’m Pasha.
    Robert: Oh, My bad.
    Pasha: Bye then.
    (end of conversation).


Photos from the office

Pasha Bitz, friend, teammate, hacker and gifted(?) photographer took some photos on our last Daily Standup Meeting and a few more at our offices:

Daily Standup Meeting (I’m on the left, Sagie(aka Flash)  is on the right):


Our office door (notice: it’s beta 0.1):


And finally, the new setup, although it’s far from being ready & not updated (I’ve got 2 22′ inch LCD at the moment):


More pictures we’ll be posted soon…


Lnbogen Simpson avatar

You must admit, I’m a pretty cool (yellow) geek:


You can create your own avatar here.


Another sign that I’m a programmer


We’ve just received an email describing the agenda for Purim day here at Mercury.
It goes something like:

Register for Purim disguise competition(M1 building)
(You can be painted for free ; -)

… [ some more text goes here ] …

The first thing that came up to my mind was “Oh shit, it won’t compile, she forgot to close the second )”.


Happy holiday everybody!



Israeli Bloggers Dinner

If you write a blog and love to talk about code\architecture\funny customers\funny programmers\funny [you name it], you’ve got a chance to talk the talk and chop the chops.

Date: 21/02/2007
Time: 21:00
More details here.

I’ll be there.


Leave everything aside and read this now

Talking about building solid, trustable enterprise applications…
gosh, this makes you think about real-time applications in a different perspective right?.

After you’re done wiping, read *this dude’s blog.
He is a good friend of mine and a teammate at Mercury, and by god, he knows how to write and he’s never boring!

* I call him T-Bag(no physical similarity, just a private[for now] joke), but he’s also known as Uri Kalish (“the man and the legend”).


We are hiring !

My company, Mercury, is looking for sharp minds with endless passion for code and great creativity. If you consider yourself that sort of a guy and you’re looking to work with the very best in the industry(my promise), please contact me(oellenbogen at mercury dot com) and send me your CV.

btw, I have no desire just to pass CVs between my site readers to my company. I would talk with each one of you(and ask you some interesting questions to see if you have the spark) that will pass me his CV before forwarding it to our HR. In addition, if you want to talk with me about “how is it to work there?” or any sort of question you might have about working at Mercury, feel free to drop me a note. I’m eager to join the best of you guys to our company.


Oren Cohen, number 18 at google, 6 days after publish day…

Remember “Lnbogen test for Google’s rating, the target: Oren Cohen“?
Well, I thought it will take about 2 weeks, but google managed to surprise me. Looking for “Oren Cohen” in will give you my post as the 18th result. Oren is now thinking about publish his pictures\sites in my blog. I guess I should start thinking about a pricing model ;-), I need to provide some food to my kids, support 15 wifes, etc. It can get quite expensive you know…

The proof (you are welcome to search for “Oren Cohen” at yourself, of course):



COM object are from Jupiter, .Net assemblies are from Mars

COM object think that they understand .Net assemblies (via Proxy(tlb file)) but in matter of fact, this proxy is a mediator(girlfriend\gay-friend) to the real assembly that actually make the connection work while .Net assemblies think that they understand COM object, again, via proxy(Interop file) but in matter of fact, this proxy is only a mediator(friend, lesbian-friend) that make the connection work.

The hard migrating process my team encounters this days(and will keep dealing with for the next few iterations) makes you(well, me, but a sorrow shared is a fool’s comfort) appreciate one-platform systems. Integration between different platforms can be a female dog (translation: bitch!) if you are not familiar with the tips&tricks on the subject. Working with the registry is a complete disaster. I don’t think that the initial idea of MS was to abuse the registry so much and literally write every reference as a long GUID that points to some class\interface\dll. Hack, register a simple dll (via RegSvr32.exe) and unregister it can leave you garbage on the registry, not mentioning migrating VB6 code into VB.NET\C# code which requires RegAsm.exe for “old” clients. So much garbage to cleanup. And you think that throwing the garbage at your home, once every your-wife-is-nagging-again is hard. Think again.

Yes, they(COM, .Net) know how to communicate and live together, but just like Men and Women – you can’t really understand how it actually works.

I wonder if I should start writing a book on the topic…

p.s – don’t get me wrong, women are hard to understand but it’s only making the game more fun. So does the migration challange.


Lnbogen test for Google’s rating, the target: Oren Cohen

I was just laughing with my teammate Oren Cohen (Yes, we have 2 “Oren” in the team. We solve it via alias(=namespace) so my name is “Boogi” but this is a story for another day). I made a point that I managed to “publish” a few friends of mine here by mentioning their name (Amir Markowitz, Dror Engel, Ken Egozi, Moran Benisty) and during that conversation I searched for “Oren Cohen” at which returned about ~627,000 results, non of them are related to the “subject”(Oren Cohen, my teammate). I wondered how much time it will take from the second I’ll publish this post until he will be rated from my site.

But let’s make it interesting OK?
Let’s make a “virtual bet” (one beer for the winner on my expense): my bet is that in 2 weeks – he will be on the first 50 results for “Oren Cohen” in

All bets are on!