Thanks Klarna IL!


It all began at Reversim Summit 2013, when Uri Nativ saw me wearing a t-shirt of SoftwareLeadWeekly:

Well, to be honest, I only printed a couple of t-shirts (no real budget) so I had none to give.

If you’d attend Uri’s talk about QA without QA, you will quickly know how unique and helpful he is. It didn’t take much time until he reached out, offering to print these t-shirts for me.

Oh, wow. Yes please!

Thanks to Uri and Michal Tirosh from Klarna Israel, SoftwareLeadWeekly got 30 t-shirts and over 200 laptop stickers to hand out. Their genuine care and passion to help was amazing – I exchanged around 30 emails with Michal, as she wanted to make sure everything will be perfect and to my satisfaction.

I felt humble and grateful to have them on my side. I still do.

Uri and Michal – Thank you!


Oren Ellenbogen

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