One thing ends so that another could begin

This title encapsulate a lot of changes in my life.

Leaving Mercury\HP

After less than a year, I had to make one of the hardest choices in my life and decided to resign my position at Mercury after receiving an opportunity to join a baby(we’re looking for offices now) startup named Semingo. Mercury is a great home for developers; The quality of the people there is beyond anything I’ve seen in the last ~8 years, the projects are challenging, the clients are demanding and the amount of investments the management put in the teams is unimaginable. No wonder why Mercury was bought for the huge price of 4.5 billion dollars by HP. Putting the clients first, hire great managers, non-stop training and fetching the best programmers available is a bullet-proof path for success.

The hardest part was leaving my friends there, but I know that I’ll keep in touch with them. I said goodbye to the guys in a small gathering so I want to leave it private, but I do want to thank you all again for sharing your life, your ideas and challenges with me:
Hagay, Number, Big Guy, Jersey, Nicos, Rico, Master Jedi(Doron), Moti, Jonit, Chonga, Maya, Mininberg, Alon, Chik Chik, Abergel, Oleg, Mizrahi, Ravit, Sefi, Lidor, Zini, Arie, Ifat and the rest of the guys there(I hope I did not forget anyone :|) – goodbye and good luck. I love you all.

Joining Semingo

This was an offer that I just could not say no to. The project is inspiring, the scale and size are unimaginable, the team is built from a group of young(avg. ~25) “hackers”(my nickname for highly talented workaholic developers), great technology, great management. All the right cards. In addition, and this one is crucial – I’m 23 years old so this is a great(maybe the only) time to work 14-18h a day without paying alimony\psychotherapist. I’m sure that it will be very interesting ride. 

At the moment, I can’t say much about the stuff we’re doing except that it’s a very challenging web 2.0 project.
I promise to publish more about the team, work methodologies(agile\scrum) and technical experience later on…

Leaving my home, renting an apartment:

I’m looking for an apartment in Herzelia\Herzelia Pitouch, close to the our future office. If you know a guy that knows a guy – please send me an email! ;)

Gosh, it’s going to be one hell of a year!


Oren Ellenbogen