This is cool – Google cheat sheet

If you haven’t seen this before, pay this link a visit;

It contains a list of useful things you can use via google search engine in order to optimize your searches.


Moving up in Google !

Searching Oren Ellenbogen in Google placed me on the third(3rd!) place !
It’s a huge progress if you keep in mind that just last week I was at the 15th place (second page, at the middle)…

update [14.09.2005]:

I’m at the first place now ! Respect !


Pound per year? I’m definitely at the wrong place

Damn, I read at Edward Jezierski’s blog that for every X years at Microsoft they get a bowl with X pounds of M&M ! (Can it get any better than that ?)


So, Where do I sign in ?


Improving your Vocabulary

My friend Moran sent me a great link which will improve your vocabulary for sure.


Come on, give it a try.