Geek phrases – what a joy

After being poetic on my TDD preface post my good friend Moran, a geek with no shame, gave me a few poetic titles for future(?) posts:

“web.config – friend or foe?” (this one kills me, honestly ;-))

“yellow screen – a blessing in disguise.”

Can you beat him down ? Have some issues you want me to talk about ?
Have some geeky titles to share with the rest of the geeks that follow my posts ?

Bring it!


Buzzwords mix up

I’m reading one of our client’s characterization in order to determine the amount of time it will be required from us to develop the project. While reading the paper I’ve encountered this hilarious sentence:

“Architecture: Smart-Client application in DNA methodology(3 tiers) with .Net”

(global) Tip: If you don’t understand the meaning of a (buzz)word, don’t use it. It is that simple.

btw – I think that this phrase will win the “How-Many-Buzzwords-Can-You-Put-In-A-Sentence-Without-Knocking-Yourself-Out” contest. I’ll vote for it anyway.


Nope, that’s not it…




My first article at CodeProject is available, I’m excited !!

You remember my last post about templating via .Net 2.0 Generics and delegates. Well, after getting some good feedback from all of you, I thought to publish it at codeproject so I’ll get some more feedbacks, grades and most important – additional comments.

Feel free to grade the article ;-)



Israeli MCPD Study Group

I’m trying to give some good PR to the Israeli MCPD study group, arranged by Justin Angel (Hebrew).
So if Hebrew is native for you and you’d like to hear some good(hopefully) presentations about .Net 2.0 – leave a comment in this post. It’s important to get some early feedback as Justin tries to get a classroom (& some food) from Microsoft so they’ll  sponsor the event.

See you there…


NOTICE: publish comments on my blog.

I’m using the Captcha anti-comment-spamming-engine in my blog:


Some of you complained that after posting a comment you can’t see it afterwards. This is caused due to a time mechanism plugged in the Captcha engine – after X seconds, the code becomes invalid and you have to insert a new one. In case that the Captcha will have code timeout – it will make you enter a new generated code simply by leaving you on the same page. So please make sure that after hitting the “Save Comment” you’re on the main page and you don’t have your comment at the bottom of the page, if so – enter the new code and click the “Save Comment”.



I’m .exe

Reading Dror’s post, I had to give it a shot so –


If you want to see your extension – look here.


Ho man, this one almost got me fall from my chair !

Like every good Jew, I like to listen\read what other’s has to say about me; So, a few days ago I’ve got a referrer and I went to see who’s mentioning me and why ? After reading the all post there I’ve seen this paragraph:

“After my PC got fixed, I found this:

One step closer to salvation. However, it didn’t work either:

Oren Ellenbogen (?!!?!? is this a real name!? To my native Dutch ears this sounds like “Ears Elbows”.) “
… [the rest is irrelevant]

Man, I laughed about it (with myself) for about an hour ! I know, “Ellenbogen” in Dutch is “Elbow” but “Oren” is “Ear” ?!

Well, I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity… ;-)


Damn Ctrl+R !

I’ve worked on a new post for about an hour and by simply clicking the Ctrl+R instead of Windows+R my entire post has been thrown to garbage ! I can’t express how frustrated I am right now about the “Add Entry” in dasBlog, It’s not the first time I lost a post (sometimes my Avant stuck and this also makes me rewrite the entire post).

Anyone have good (FREE) suggestions ?

p.s – I’ll write the original post (again) tomorrow.


Follow up to the Ellenbogen’s writing, you’re one click away !

Hey folks,

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