Team up: my presentation is available

Management and leadership is a topic near and dear to my heart. As such, I decided to invest some time and construct a lecture to help out current team leads and upper management to gain some outside view. This will hopefully gear up your thinking on the subject, opening your mind into new practices and new questions you should consider pondering.
Obviously, potential leaders will enjoy this presentation as well :)

If you want me to come and give this presentation at your place, please ping me. My email is on the right or reach me at @orenellenbogen (twitter)

Team Up:

Lately, it seems that process became trendier than core leadership skills. Agile, Scrum, Kanban stole the focus. 
BUT – it is leadership that fuels process adoption rather than process auto-magically fixing disfunction teams.

In this talk we’ll explore what went wrong in this process adoption race: from hiring or promoting the wrong people, avoid setting clear expectations from our leaders, to dropping lean practices due to lack of deep understanding (forgetting why we started to begin with).

The dark side is interesting to explore, but we are here for the bright light – we will bring the FOCUS back to how we want our leadership to look like. 
We’ll try to figure out how we want our leaders to look like in the "Agile era"


Oren Ellenbogen