I forgot to write down what I’m trying to learn

I’m writing for about 5 years now. I’ve spent numerous hours writing about coding, architecture and management. Some people liked it although my blog is yet another stream of words in a big pile of information called “the internet”.

The amazing fact is that my top post (by far, I’m talking about ~90% of my traffic) is about Visual Studio .Net 2005 Colors!
Yes, a single post, out of hundreds, about a niche topic, got all the spotlight. Frickin’ Lovely.

So like most startups, I’ve build->didn’t measure->didn’t learn->WTF? FAILED!

This year I’m trying to drive my effort by aiming for learning first (learn –> measure –> build): starting from what I want to test (my hypothesis) then to see if/how I can actually measure it and then to build it, or write about it. I’ll share my journey as I go, hoping you’ll find it interesting.

Happy 2011 everyone!


Oren Ellenbogen