Building search queries in Bugzilla

This is mostly a self-note but heck, maybe someone will reach this post via Delver (or Google :)), so I’m all about sharing.

Anyway, we’re using (for now) Bugzilla and I tried to get all the “open” bugs for my team with status equal to X,Y,Z.

Sounds easy right? well, you are … sadly mistaken.
After investing 15 minutes banging my head into the nearest wall with “Bugzilla Advanced Serach” (well, I’ll be polite and say it’s “advanced” alright), I gave in on that one.
Instead, I hacked the url a bit to understand the dark voodoo of Bugzilla and voila, 2 minutes later:


Just remove the “break line” of course (this is easier to edit) and replace “Joe” with your favorite developer name.

If you want to make it a bit more complex, here is a nice site with the supported field names:


Anyway, I hope it will help someone.

* geeky btw – notice the funny “binary index” of the fields! made me laugh quite a bit, being the geek that I am.


Oren Ellenbogen