Deep dive into CCR and Parallel Extensions: kick-off

I’m preparing a set of articles regarding Microsoft CCR and Parallel Extensions, trying to explain the multi threading libraries supplied by MS and how they are going to change our life in the multi-core world.

I thought about starting with some architecture point of view for each library, going over the data structures and then demonstrate usage for real life scenarios. I’ll start with level 100 articles and dive deeper until complex scenarios and how to harness the framework’s full power to your needs.

We had the pleasure here at Delver working with CCR so I’ll share with you some of the code base we created on top of it, some tips for using it correctly and my take about using these libraries in mainstream applications.


Some nice articles to get you started if you didn’t hear about these libraries so far:

Parallel Programming with .NET : Most Common Performance Issues in Parallel Programs

Concurrent Affairs: Concurrency and Coordination Runtime — MSDN Magazine, September 2006

Channel9 Wiki: Concurrency Runtime

Parallel Programming with .NET : Coordination Data Structures Overview

Parallel Programming with .NET : Fork/Join parallelism with .NET CountdownEvent

Parallel Programming with .NET : Wrapping an APM implementation with Future<T>


Is there anything specific you’re interested to read about regarding those topics ?


Oren Ellenbogen