Semingo, Delver, Demo, What a rush!

Alright alright, so I didn’t post anything for… a decade or so.
but I’m here (at the office that is) all day long, being a part of a great Team, building the greatest\coolest piece of software I’ve ever dream of.

I promised myself that I’ll be short this time so here it goes, Oren’s 60 seconds update:

  1. We’ve changed our name from Semingo to Delver (delver: (n) deep thinker; one who investigates data).
    Hopefully (if God will hear his little buddy here), the phrase “To delve” will catch up with the scary “Google-it”.
  2. We’re going to show our product to the world at the DEMO conference (28-30 January, yes, in 4 days!) in Palm Desert, CA.
    If you want to be one of our first beta users, please go to our site: and register (we’ll send you an email once we’ll release our beta).
  3. We’re looking for super talented folks to join our amazing Team, interested?

Short, to the point, no technical buzzzzz. I’m feeling violated.



here are a few links from interesting articles about us:

 – (from our home site)

 – (6 minutes of live! demo\video, presented by our CEO at DEMO conference)

 – (5 minutes demo\video from IsraelWebTour 2008)

 – (great summary to understand our product)





Next post – some cool multi-threading code and how to test it without wanting to stick a nail in your eye (or someone’s else eye).
Now I’m feeling better…


Oren Ellenbogen