Visual Studio .Net 2005 Colors

*update*: I’ve moved from dasBlog to WordPress and the old content is now missing. If you want to download the colors, you can find it here.

Well this is mostly a good backup-post, but heck maybe a few other (VERY COOL) geeks will find it interesting.
Looking for some cool IDE colors\fonts, I came up with this:

[ Regular mode … ]


[ Marking the for loop … ]


I based my colors on ZenBurn.

The font I’m using is Consolas.
Read all about it in Jeff Atwood‘s post.

You can download MY version here: OrenEllenbogen_DarkSchema.rar (58 KB) (check the link at the top of the page)

Note: if you’re using ReSharper you’ll have to disable the “Highlight current line” option.

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Oren Ellenbogen