Another day at the office

A few pearls from the office:

  • Pasha: Damn, I like TDD so much. Writing a 5 minutes piece of code takes about a day (sarcastic tone, of course).

  • Aviel: in my case, code does not come from my head but rather from my heart.
    Pasha: I saw your code. It comes from your ass.

  • Me: Integration environment is the Tamagochi of an Agile Team

  • (Phone ringing, Pasha answers)
    Robert: I’m Robert.
    Pasha: I’m Robert.
    Robert: I’m Robert.
    Pasha: I’m not Robert, I’m Pasha.
    Robert: Oh, My bad.
    Pasha: Bye then.
    (end of conversation).


Oren Ellenbogen