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Damn, it was so much fun to play a little with TDD and abstract the lousy API given by Microsoft to register client-side script. I’ll write about the process and design changes I’ve made due to testability reasons. TDD is a great design tool, it’s amazing to witness the “before” and “after” of your code, all because of the requirements to test things separately.

Here are a few API samples, taken from the Demo project (you can play with it and see the results):

public partial class _Default : Page
   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
      ClientSideExtender script = ClientSideExtender.Create(this);

      script.RegisterMethodCall(“alert”).WithParameters(“hello world!”).ToExecuteAt(Target.EndOfPage);

      script.RegisterVariable<int>(“myIntegerVar”).SetValue(5); // Target.BeginningOfPage as default

      script.RegisterScriptBlock(“alert(‘proof of concept – state:’ + document.readyState);”).ToExecuteAt(Target.PageLoaded);

Keep in mind that I’m only supplying a different API (abstraction) of Microsoft’s implementation. In order to accomplish that, I’m using Windsor to wire the ClientSideExtender with the new ajaxian ScriptManager(supports UpdatePanel), which will actually be responsible to register the script under the hood. You can look at the web.config (under the <castle> element) for more details.

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Oren Ellenbogen