My reading stack content fillers

After writing about “Build your weekly reading stack and frame it“, I thought to share some of the blogs\articles I read lately about Personal Development. I call them my “content fillers”.

  • Paul’s Tips – You can find here real pearls among the huge content Paul has to offer. He talks about life, creativity, productivity, time management, leadership. I love reading his stuff because it’s an easy read and you can pick up a lot of great life practices(for example: Just being smart isn’t enough if you want to get ahead and A neat trick for dealing with anxiety).

  • ProductivityGoal – Great stuff about Work and Time management (I recommend the category “one question interview“).

  • Steve Pavlina – One of the greatest in the “Personal Development” area. I really recommand reading his old posts. Notice: Almost each and every one of his articles and even most of his blog posts are a great potential for your weekly reading stack (more than 4000 words per article).

  • Scott H Young – I just started to read his stuff about a month ago. So far I’m very impressed by his level of knowledge and his original ideas for life.

  • The practice of leadership – One of my favorites. You will have to look around this site, but investing 1 hour of wandering around in this site can fill your stack for a good couple of years.

  • I will teach you to be rich – Great stuff about money. Facts, numbers, ideas, links.

  • Get Money Online – if you have a site(or even better – a blog) and you want to make money out of it – read it!

These sites can easily provide enough content for a 5-10 years of weekly reading. I’ll publish more during the next couple of weeks.
If you’ve got interesting sites to share – please drop a comment.


Oren Ellenbogen