Hosting an application source on an external repository

As I mentioned before, Pasha and I are in the process of developing a small application and we still thinking about where to place our Source Control repository. At the beginning, we thought about hosting it on my computer but after a few hours of trying to work with SubVersion (I need to read a little, I thought it would be simpler) configuration and some attempts to configure VSS 2005 I realized (actually, Dror realized, I just nodded) that my router is not suit to serve as a host. We now have 2 solutions: (1) order a new router (about 100$), buy a static IP and configure it properly (as I told Dror: “I’m a code hacker, not a network hacker”) which means a lot of time by my side(and 4-7 days of waiting for the router to arrive) or I can (2) pay for a repository server and let someone else take care of static IP, and the configuration. Oren Eini proposed working with which seems like a nice service – they provide SubVersion & BugTracking for a nice fee. Lacking a solid Source Control really keep us from coding in full speed, so it’s urgent to set up our repository in the next couple of days. Any ideas ?

p.s – no, it’s not Open Source :-).


Oren Ellenbogen


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  1. What is the problem with your router? is it that it doesn’t know how to update a dynamic IP (since I see listed a solution of buying a static IP)?
    Try you can get free dynamic dns, with a simple client that updates the DNS records from time to time, so *almost* anytime your would point to your home network.

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