ActiveRecord & Atlas POC

Myself and Pasha are now starting to build a little thing we came up with and we thought that it will be a good idea to use this little baby to learn about the new technologies out there. But you can’t learn everything at once right? so we decided to start with Atlas. In addition, we want to take advantage of some sort of infrastructure to perform the common tasks we are all familiar with while developing an application like (1) Data persistence (2) Lazy Loading (3) Caching (4) Data Validation (5) Nullable fields (6) Transaction support and their partners (7) Authorization&Authentication (8) Logging and such. Looking around the net, it seems that ActiveRecord (I see it as an abstract shape of NHibernate, one that makes you smile while mapping your entities and querying them instead of pulling your hair in anger) which is part of Castle Project, support tasks 1-6 pretty damn good so it will be a huge part of my POC. I’m planning to share my insights with you, including the “How To”, “Why To” and the complete source code of the POC which will include the skeleton of our infrastructure.

You can download the Castle version(Includes ActiveRecord) I use from here (It is from August 27th, 2006).


Oren Ellenbogen