Lnbogen test for Google’s rating, the target: Oren Cohen

I was just laughing with my teammate Oren Cohen (Yes, we have 2 “Oren” in the team. We solve it via alias(=namespace) so my name is “Boogi” but this is a story for another day). I made a point that I managed to “publish” a few friends of mine here by mentioning their name (Amir Markowitz, Dror Engel, Ken Egozi, Moran Benisty) and during that conversation I searched for “Oren Cohen” at Google.com which returned about ~627,000 results, non of them are related to the “subject”(Oren Cohen, my teammate). I wondered how much time it will take from the second I’ll publish this post until he will be rated from my site.

But let’s make it interesting OK?
Let’s make a “virtual bet” (one beer for the winner on my expense): my bet is that in 2 weeks – he will be on the first 50 results for “Oren Cohen” in google.com.

All bets are on!


Oren Ellenbogen


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