COM object are from Jupiter, .Net assemblies are from Mars

COM object think that they understand .Net assemblies (via Proxy(tlb file)) but in matter of fact, this proxy is a mediator(girlfriend\gay-friend) to the real assembly that actually make the connection work while .Net assemblies think that they understand COM object, again, via proxy(Interop file) but in matter of fact, this proxy is only a mediator(friend, lesbian-friend) that make the connection work.

The hard migrating process my team encounters this days(and will keep dealing with for the next few iterations) makes you(well, me, but a sorrow shared is a fool’s comfort) appreciate one-platform systems. Integration between different platforms can be a female dog (translation: bitch!) if you are not familiar with the tips&tricks on the subject. Working with the registry is a complete disaster. I don’t think that the initial idea of MS was to abuse the registry so much and literally write every reference as a long GUID that points to some class\interface\dll. Hack, register a simple dll (via RegSvr32.exe) and unregister it can leave you garbage on the registry, not mentioning migrating VB6 code into VB.NET\C# code which requires RegAsm.exe for “old” clients. So much garbage to cleanup. And you think that throwing the garbage at your home, once every your-wife-is-nagging-again is hard. Think again.

Yes, they(COM, .Net) know how to communicate and live together, but just like Men and Women – you can’t really understand how it actually works.

I wonder if I should start writing a book on the topic…

p.s – don’t get me wrong, women are hard to understand but it’s only making the game more fun. So does the migration challange.


Oren Ellenbogen


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