And we wonder why everyone hates us(Israelis)

I’ve just opened Yediot Acharnot’s(one of the largest newspaper in Israel) site –


On the bottom-left of the picture you can see the title “The Palestinians: 13 years old was killed by the Israeli Defense Force fire”. Reading a few sentences inside of the article paints a different picture: several Palestinians terrorists, and the 13 years old boy among them, throw a grenade on our soldiers and one of our officers was hit. The fire was in response to that grenade. What the hack a 13 years old boy running with terrorists? Should we not defend ourself? Would you remain motionlessly after being hit by a grenade!? I doubt it… This boy have a mother and father, where were they? The hatred made them blind? made them believe that their son’s life are not worthy? Is it OK to send your son to explode and than raise his little brother to follow his path?!

The Lebanon War was exactly the same – they(Hizbala) fired missiles from civilians houses and then entered the building. Did our army react? in 99.9% of the time the answer was NO(you didn’t hear about it right?); One time (Kfar Kana) we did react – the entire world was shocked by it for several days. Where are the pictures of the destroyed houses by that missile? Where are the Israelis Pictures who died from that missile? 

Did Kadafi asked himself why a terrorist entered a building after firing a missile? I bet that he did. “Well, they fight the way they fight. I don’t find logic in their actions that I can relate to, but it must be there… right?”.

Did you ever see on television(CNN, FOX news, whatever) a 13 years old kid throwing a grenade on a tank that kills our soldiers or the 5 minutes later that this kid was shot? Why don’t you investigate where his parents were at that time? What about the terrorist that threw a grenade inside a house with civilians in attempt to kill one of our soldiers and “accidentally” killed the civilians in that house? I guess you heard something like “Israeli Defense Force killed an entire family while catching a terrorist”. What about the 100->55->44->30->22 dead in Kfar Kana. The German’s press(no the Israeli press, the German’s!) took picture of the place and they catched(on video) that the bodies were moved around just so it will appear that more than 100 people died!

That’s OK, I don’t expect from the outsiders to play nice, to cover all the facts and tell the story from our side as well(I’m no journalist, but isn’t it the first rule you learn – “cover the story from every angle”). That’s asking too much I assume. But from Israeli media I do expect more! These reporters make us look bad. Tell the story as it was and emphasize the cause that lead to that result, you are Israeli reports for god sake!!

The funny stuff is that we(the Israelis) always think that our ambassadors are not doing it(Public Relations) right on the outside.
We are so wrong. Our problem is from the inside, if a guy like me have to read this story from the Palestinians side and in small letters – our side, in an Israeli newspaper, it’s our fault.


I really tried not to get into the core of my thoughts as it might start a World War III which is usually a bad thing(right?). Our people want peace, we want to live with our neighbors, we do hurt that their kids are dying and our people are being bumbed in buses. I sometimes wonder though, what about the other side? What about the world?…


Oren Ellenbogen