Code Templating lecture – any buyers ?

A few months ago, I lectured before Microsoft C#/C++ User Group about advance usage of delegates, generics and anonymous methods. The audience was great and I got really nice feedback. I was talking with my good friend Pavel a few days ago about lecturing in general and he made an excellent point: I should have done more “rounds” with this lecture. This could have been good experience for me to learn from the feedback I got and use it into practice before different audience. So, would you like to hear me present for ~1.5 hours about those topics (after “work hours”, say 17:30+) in your “home”(=working place)? All I need is a projector and a working air conditioner(I don’t have 3 built-in fan as my computer have, unfortunately). You can look at the lecture syllabus here and there are code samples and presentation(ppt) file of the entire thing right here. Of course, there should be a minimum number of people attending as I don’t want to drive for an hour just to talk with 2 people (actually, I do, but this won’t be very productive and bad usage of my time, so I’m sorry folks).

Minimum knowledge required to participate: good understanding of .Net 1.1 is a must; .Net 2.0 – bonus.
Lecture (“MS”)Level: 400. (technical hardcore stuff, no SOA will be presented, I promise).

Drop a comment or send me an email (oren dot ellenbogen at gmail dot com) and we’ll set a date.


Oren Ellenbogen