Moving out from SQLink: Ellenbogen is looking for a new home.

Our SQLink R&D department was merged with Aman Computers.

At the moment, I’m still not sure if my place is at Aman although I’ve got a very nice offer from them and it seems like a very nice place to be at.

I’m looking for a place with (my ideal, I’m a realistic guy though):

  1. Many people who love coding, read about it, write about it and lecture about it.
  2. Building Enterprise applications.
  3. Using the newest technology (.Net 2.0+)
  4. A place that loves to teach his employees, to set goals and to push you through crises.
  5. Provide me the stage to show what I am capable of, where managers trying to bring out the best from their people.
  6. Organic teams. I would like to be one of a great team of people. I work better with other people around me and I love sharing my thoughts and teaching others.
  7. Agile methodologies.
If your place is looking for a passionate-for-code guy, someone that can upgrade the surrounding and contribute to the “team’s glue”, I would be glad if you’ll contact me via email (oren dot ellenbogen AT gmail dot com) so we can chat. In addition, I’m *interested* in relocation(especially in the US, I’ve got a citizenship(+visa\green-card)) as it always been a dream of mine.


Oren Ellenbogen


9 thoughts on “Moving out from SQLink: Ellenbogen is looking for a new home.

  1. Hi Oren, whats up? I am very sorry about the actions that happend in our department, no doubt, we were good team and the most important thing is the friendship that we required…

    So, I have a goodluck (me also need it) and keep in touch, also in my blog:

    See you, pal.

  2. Hey Eran,
    It was fun as long as it lasted, no doubt.
    Good luck to you to my friend and we’ll stay in touch.

    (private joke: say bye to "Bide" from me ;-))

  3. All the best. I guess you’d have some free time in the next few days, to write some more TDD stuff here …
    I think that we’ve had here a great team, having Moty as leader, who pushed us all to excel in our technical and managerial skills. I’ve had a great time working with you, and I’m thankful to you for showing me the world of technical blogs and inspiring me to run one of my own.
    It won’t be too long a shot, to guess that our ways will cross one day again (on a work basis, since that on a friendly basis we continue as usual).

    As for what you wrote, I’d like to point out that it’s not the R&D division was sold as a whole.
    Our division was developing and maintaining some projects, and those activities were sold, along with the people that were working on those projects. So you might say that the D (Development) part of the R&D was sold. The R (Research) part is still here, and though our agenda is yet to be fully determined, we’re still striving for researching the best ways to exploit the .NET development platform, and being a technologic centerpiece for all of the .NET people on SQLink Group.

  4. And one more thing – you need to get a better portrait for the blog. The current is too dark, has not enough background, and you look quite scary.

    I know, mine isn’t better …

  5. Hi Oren,

    It was pleasure working with you, the last year and a half.
    We managed to establish a good team, and a lot of that because of you.
    I wish you the best in your new place, wherever it will be, and I’m sure any other manager will be happy to have you on board with him.

    Good Luck, buddy !


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