Fixing Visual Studio .Net 2005 after installing C# Language Service (LINQ)

Restoring Smart Tags in the C# IDE after installing the C# Language Service (LINQ Preview May 2006):

After installing C# Language Service, you’ll notice that Visual Studio .Net starts to misbehave. The IntelliSense and the Refactoring(Resolve, Rename, etc) engine disappears from the menu and do not work even if you try to activate them manually. It turns out that this is a known issue and there is a fix available here.

TIP: Take a good, long, coffee break(or use the time to read C# 3.0 Specification) after running the command devenv /setup /resetuserdata /resetsettings . You’ll have a second break when you’ll try to run the Visual Studio .Net 2005 again (for the first time). I guess that Microsoft are kind enough to decide when I should(== I must) take a break from code.

[ via Ken Egozi ]


Oren Ellenbogen