Bug life cycle – in the eyes of a Programmer

We are working pretty tight with our QA department. Yes, we have some well-documented work procedures but some times I feel that they are too well-documented. After all, we are lazy; We want something easy to see, easy to read & easy to do.

I thought it will be better to document our relations (Development team with QA) in a simple flow diagram:
Bug life cycle – in the eyes of a programmer.ppt (55.5 KB)


I’ve added a step: what should I (the programmer) do if I can’t reproduce the bug ?
Thanks Shani.

Maybe it will help you as well.


Oren Ellenbogen


2 thoughts on “Bug life cycle – in the eyes of a Programmer

  1. hi,
    What if the bug exists but could not reproduce by the programmer?!
    your flow does not handle such case!
    would you still change it to rejected?

    I would like to change the status to: "bad bug report" or "couldn’t track your bug"

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