People are funny

Well, I really don’t like writing posts like “Today I drank some Cola and wrote some pieces of code”, but this is just funny.

I checked my Referrers list and I saw some interesting searches which lead to my blog:

1. delegate oren ( – 1st place

   I like that phrase. delegate oren. yep, you can ring me any time. honestly!
   I guess that my lecture on delegates & anonymous methods gave me some good google PR.

Before you’ll read the second one, sit down and don’t hold
any glass or anything sharp in your hands.


2. why is teched dying ( – 6th place

   Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how, Just laugh… That’s what I did.

   I have nothing but kind words to say about TechEd and you can even read some great posts here and here.

   Who is the psycho that wrote this phrase ?!?! ;-) 

3. teched 2006 party ( – 14th place

   That’s better. great party !


4. porno oren ( – 4th place


5. modal refresh why god why ( – 1st place

   Yes god, why ? well, I have a solution for this one.


Oren Ellenbogen