Syndicate bug(?) with dasBlog

After receiving several messages from my friends about problems with my blog and their RSS readers I decided today to check that out. I’m using SharpReader as my RSS reader and I’ve noticed that my posts just don’t get syndicated for some unknown reason.

The way I’m posting messages to my (das)Blog is via “Write & Save & Write” system, meaning – I write for 10 minutes, un-check “Publish” & “Syndicate” checkboxes and hit the “Post to Weblog” button. Then I click Edit on the post and continue writing. After I finish writing, I check the “Publish” & “Syndicate” checkboxes and hit the “Post to Weblog”.

After playing for 2 minutes with dasBlog and trying to add\edit posts I came to the conclusion: You should *never* uncheck the “Syndicate” checkbox. This isn’t reversible for some strange reason so if I want to continue using my “Write & Save & Write” system the only checkbox I should uncheck is “Publish”.

Now all my old posts that were un-“Syndicate” for the first time, can not be re-syndicated.

I think that I should let Scott Hanselman know about this feature\bug, what say you ?


Oren Ellenbogen


6 thoughts on “Syndicate bug(?) with dasBlog

  1. strange behaiver , thanks for notice us
    use the contact form in scott’s weblog to tell him about this
    anyway , you can also use BlogJet to save drafts locally and post them later , you know how to get it :)

  2. I’ll take a look. You can "Rescue" your old posts by downloading the content folder, looking a the XML, fixing it, reuploading and restarting iis.

  3. When you say "isn’t reversible" what do you mean?

    Perhaps this will help – the syndicated feeds are catched for several minutes…you can’t update your post, and visit your feed and refresh, as it’s cached. If you waited 10 minutes maybe, then you’d see the new syndicated stuff

  4. Hey Scott,
    Thanks for your reply.

    To make things a bit clearer try the following:
    Press "Add Entry" and uncheck "Syndicate" & "Publish" checkboxes. Press "Publish to Weblog".
    Now "Edit" that post and check the "Syndicate" & "Publish" checkboxes and press "Publish to Weblog".
    Now the message should appear in your RSS reader but it *will not*.

    That means that if I save the post without "Syndicate" checked on the *first* time, I can’t change it later – I can’t re-check the "Syndicate" checkbox and press "Publish to Weblog". It doesn’t work and to my best understanding It’s not caching issue.

    About rescuing my old content – thanks, I’ll try that.

  5. I tested this locally by following your directions while keeping the dayentry file open and refreshing it at each step. The Syndicate and Public elements are being populated correctly and it worked as it should, EXCEPT the RSS feed IS cached for a minute. After waiting it worked great. This was using the current source.

  6. That’s strange, but I’m able to reproduce it every time on my blog.
    Any suggestion how to check it in other manner which will help you as well ?

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