Slides & Demos from my Code Templating presentation

I had so much fun lecturing yesterday before the C++/C# User Group about abstracting your code via delegates & anonymous methods. The number of people that showed up was really astonishing, at least to my expectations, as about 70 people gave me the honor to talk about something I really like so thank you guys !

I got some really good feedbacks(update: Royo, Ken and Shani dedicated a post on the matter) from the audience, one of them even told me at the end that my lecture was much better than one of the lectures at TechEd 2006 about Generics so I’m really happy that my words and demos made an *impact*. Still, I feel that I can do a lot better so I hope I’ll have the pleasure to give more lectures on the near future.

Finally, I got to say a BIG thanks to a bunch of folks: Justin Angel helped me to put my lecture on video so all of you (Hebrew speakers) can hear & see the live presentation(Justin – you rock!), Roy Osherove helped me think about the context of my lecture and connected me to the C++\C# User Group Leaders – Shai & Moshe. I owe a big thanks for Shai Bar Lev & Moshe Raab for giving me the opportunity and making it all possible. And finally, I want to say thanks to my teammates at SQLink that really pushed me through.

You can download the presentation & demos from this links:

Code Templating presentation (ppt) – 1.8 MB

Code Templating Demos (zip) – 500 KB

Code Templating Database (zip) – 139 KB

    * You need to restore this database on Sql Server 2005 Express which comes free 
       with VS.NET 2005. Without the database the ISPARefactoring demos wouldn’t work.

The video will be available in a few days so stay tuned.

btw – Barca won the Champions League cup! What a great evening!



Oren Ellenbogen


3 thoughts on “Slides & Demos from my Code Templating presentation

  1. i came to hear the lecture for only one hour but i decided beacuse it was so intresting to stay until the end
    great presenter , great content , can not wait to "play’ with the deoms on the weekend


  2. Hey Oren, great lecture! It was interesting, well presented and well planned. And the best part was: I learned a bunch of new stuff. Can’t wait for the next one :)

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