Wwwoooo !!! I’m sycked and I’m loving it !!

Man, that was a good 3 days of great lectures, great people and one great great party ! I had so much fun, really, and I’ll try to share with my enthusiasm during the following 2-3 posts. Prepare for plenty of reviews about the lectures I’ve went to and a big set of pictures.

I got a lot of inspiration from some of the lecturers at TechEd and I can’t tell you how much I’m excited about my lecture this week, I’ve invested a tremendous amount of time in it so I hope it will turn out the way I’m want it to be. It will be a dream come true to lecture on one of the next TechEd, so I hope I’ll have some chances to share with you my motivation and my passion about our world(programming rules!).

All in time, I guess.

OK – on to the next post !


Oren Ellenbogen