DropDownList in a popup window behavior

I have a popup window(calendar control) which contains a drop-down-list with many items in it. The problem occurs when I try to select the year 1930, which is outside of the popup frame:




This close the the entire popup window instead of selecting the year 1930 as expected (well, I did anyway). I tried to cancel the event from bubbling, to set the height of the select object (doesn’t work), you name it !

*btw*: I don’t want to change the entire flow or to work with a different window model – to much work.

Any ideas ??


Oren Ellenbogen


One thought on “DropDownList in a popup window behavior

  1. Hey Oren,

    I generally don’t recommand working with date windows. They’re prety primitive and desrept the Flow of inputing data by the user. While there are cases where they are Useful (and might be the only good solution) as a general rule i think that a date textbox will be MUCH better.

    You said you "don’t have time" to intergate it, but it’ll only take 5 minutes. Give it a try:

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