Update multiple tables in SQL Server 2005

I was required to update 40+ tables in our DB; Moran Benisty, our DBA master gave me a cool solution:

   ‘update ‘ + name + ‘ set SomeColumn = ”SomeValue” where OtherColumn = ”SomeOtherValueToMatchBy”’
   name LIKE ‘LK_%’

Now all I had to do is copy the results and run them. Sweet !

BTW – use at your own risk. :)


Oren Ellenbogen


2 thoughts on “Update multiple tables in SQL Server 2005

  1. Don’t forget sp_MSforeachtable

    This helpful little guy "can" sometimes save the whole copy and paste bit:

    e.g. EXEC sp_MSforeachtable ‘DBCC DBREINDEX (”?”)’

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