Developing a real project as an intern – Kudos Joel, you did it again !

 Today, a real experience is much more important than a degree, well, unless you’re looking for a government position. The problem in our industry is that students decide to study for the degree on the way, while trying to work in 120% job. In my opinion, if you want to give a student a chance at the real world while he can stay focus on his degree (and event enjoy it) you must assist him by finding him a position as an intern for at least a few months so later on he could apply to any position he’ll be suited for.

Well, that quote was mine(during launch time at my company). I’m one of those folks who tries to get my degree while trying to work my ass of. Sadly, I suffer 80% of the time as I struggle finish my papers for the universty on time and still enjoying my job(100% of joy). 
If internship was a part of the degree, I believe that the a lot of us programmers out there could enjoy the learning process without damaging our career and hack, maybe it will produce better programmers in our industry. 

In the USA (and in France too, as my cousin told me), this dream is a plain reality – you can see the internship project Joel Spolsky started here.


Oren Ellenbogen