1, 2… 1,2 … testing – is this thing on ??

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve published my latest post hasn’t it ?
Ok, no time for lame “I was busy” excuses so let me fill the gaps –

  1. New position:
    I got a promotion at work and now I’m a team leader at our R&D department. I’ve come across, in my 6 years at the business, several great people; Some of them were good because of their technical knowledge, some for their leadership capabilities, some for their good nature and some for combining all the above. I’m working my ass of to affect my teammates and the rest of the people in my company as much as the latter ones affected me in the previous six years.

  2. Interviewing candidates:
    We are hiring; Myself and Roee(our technical manager) were interviewing about 50(some of them didn’t pass my “phone exam”) people in the previous 2 months. It required me to think about “what developers should know” and even more important “what developers should know how to find”. In addition, it gave me a great look at the people in “my world” (not a perfect one, but still…)
  3. New co-workers:
    We hired a team leader named Ken Egozi and a programmer named Tamir Kanhe – GOOD LUCK folks!
  4. New challenges:
    I’m now figuring out the “Smart Client” architecture which we want to use in our application, this includes understanding:

    1. Composite UI Application Block
    2. ClickOnce
    3. Windows Forms 2.0 best practices(data binding, Async work, web services & WSE 3.0 etc).
      The world of windows forms is new to me so I have a lot to catch up.

                  After reading a lot and making some dirty application to test things,
                  I’m now summing it all up to a clean paper –

                  “SQLink R&D methodologies in developing windows forms application”.



I gathered some usefull insights in the latest month so I’ll publish them in the following week.


Oren Ellenbogen


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