Ho man, this one almost got me fall from my chair !

Like every good Jew, I like to listen\read what other’s has to say about me; So, a few days ago I’ve got a referrer and I went to see who’s mentioning me and why ? After reading the all post there I’ve seen this paragraph:

“After my PC got fixed, I found this:


One step closer to salvation. However, it didn’t work either:

Oren Ellenbogen (?!!?!? is this a real name!? To my native Dutch ears this sounds like “Ears Elbows”.) “
… [the rest is irrelevant]

Man, I laughed about it (with myself) for about an hour ! I know, “Ellenbogen” in Dutch is “Elbow” but “Oren” is “Ear” ?!

Well, I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity… ;-)


Oren Ellenbogen