Damn Ctrl+R !

I’ve worked on a new post for about an hour and by simply clicking the Ctrl+R instead of Windows+R my entire post has been thrown to garbage ! I can’t express how frustrated I am right now about the “Add Entry” in dasBlog, It’s not the first time I lost a post (sometimes my Avant stuck and this also makes me rewrite the entire post).

Anyone have good (FREE) suggestions ?

p.s – I’ll write the original post (again) tomorrow.


Oren Ellenbogen


6 thoughts on “Damn Ctrl+R !

  1. Man, I’m familiar with "post entry" without "publish" trick (are you forgetting who taught you?), but that’s simply not enough because this problem should be resolved by the site infrastructure (like google auto-save, and simply disable the Ctrl+R via JavaScript(something I’ll manually do probably)).

    Someone here using some 3rd party editors for that task?

  2. I usually write my posts offline with a preview-capable application. In my case it is specifically w.bloggar, but I would gladly replace it with an alternative (it doesn’t keep FTP and preview-template information, for some reason). PostXing, as soon as version 2.0 comes out (which would be "any day now" for about half a year :-)), might prove a viable alternative.

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