Transfer ASP Session to ASP.NET

I’m responsible for an hybrid ASP-ASP.NET application with an ASP log-in screen; This screen authenticate the user and set a unique session value in case he’s valid. All the other ASP screens check this unique session value and let the user stay in the system as long as it exists. The problem was that there were ASP.NET pages that I had to use this security mechanism in them, meaning to check the session in my .aspx files in the same pattern (same unique session) as the other .asp pages did. In order to do that I had to access the ASP session from my ASP.NET pages, which is impossible due to the simple fact that they DO NOT share the same “room” (teenagers problems, you know). The solution came after googling a little bit and testing the suggested solution on my application.

The pattern goes like this:


Once again, I’m a happy camper.


Oren Ellenbogen