Working hard… but I can’t complain (can I ?)

Man, I had a lot on my mind during the previous week.
The week began with installing my application in one of our client’s server which was pretty hard task due to couple of unexpected incompatibilities – lack of local IIS(meaning – no debugger!) and AD(Active Directory) complicated tree structure. This two alone are a major headache for any programmer, but I’m glad that it’s behind me now (another happy customer, I LOVE IT!). The week continued and I had to fix some nasty bugs in a couple of applications which I’m responsible for, which turns out nice – there is nothing better than a good bug and a good solution (IMHO anyway).

I spent the end of the week to prepare for my presentation on the next week. I’m going to talk about DHTML, XML and XMLHTTP with my co-worker Roee(which is going to talk about Javascript and the server-side .vs. client-side pros & cons) in one of IDF computers’ unit. It’s a huge time consuming task to organize a decent power-point presentation, a few demos and a set of exercises and most importantly – organize my time properly. But again, I can’t complain because I love giving presentation and work a little on my speaking abilities and time organization abilities.

In addition, I’m working now on Localization and Member-Roles Management solutions for our new ASP.NET 1.1 application. I know those requirements have built-in solutions in ASP.NET 2.0, but the client demanded ASP.NET 1.1 so unfortunately I can’t use them yet.

btw – I’ll upload the presentations, demos and exercises about XML\DHTML\XMLHTTP at the end of next week, maybe it will save one of you some time.

OK, back to work…


Oren Ellenbogen


2 thoughts on “Working hard… but I can’t complain (can I ?)

  1. yo yo yo,
    don’t forget to tell us about your speaking abilities and your great improvement since our last presentation (about the clr. -oh that was a good/helpful one).

    those bamam, started new stupid idea:
    freeware – only from known freeware list, which of course included no more than 50 obsolete freewares.
    so, if we want new freeware – we should send special request to someone somewhere,
    which probably answer us after (i guess) 5-6 weeks, than maybe it will be added to the list (known as "known freeware list").

  2. Damn BAMAM, causing you devoted programers to sweat like pigs(KOSHER ones, Avi) for any stupid freeware !
    About my presentations – soon… (I’ll post today or tomorrow).

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