Damn, I love Add-ins !

Hey y’all,

I can’t seem to stop, those add-ins bastards are too addictive !
Oh well, here are more great VS.NET add-ins you should all check them out:

  1. GhostDoc – This great utility will able you to “auto” document your methods\properties with a single mouse click.
  2. WhidbeyCommands 2 – Just read the man’s post :) TIP: if you give presentations while using the VS.NET, you MUST download this baby (check out “Demo font” option) !
  3. HandleWhiteSpace – Clean your files from unnecessary white spaces.



Oren Ellenbogen


5 thoughts on “Damn, I love Add-ins !

  1. yo yo yo,
    check this out . . . http://www.boolean.ca/replace/
    great powerfull tool and … free.

    the great in here that you can replace text that spreads on number of rows
    shani the
    kli – you are so tool.
    phrase to find:
    new phrase :
    you are hacker
    new text (after changes) :
    shani you are hacker – you are so tool.

    it is very useful for xml files…

    love your blog.

  2. Hey Shani (you’re crazy man),
    10x for your post, I used this tool while I was one of your teammates (I think it’s still on my original computer, if you didn’t format it already) :-)

    I used it for our AXL files (GIS), you can ask the Russian dude, Pasha.

  3. You need help man, you’re addicted to addins.
    You need an addin that looks for other addins and auto-installs them on the VS while you’re asleep.

    And don’t be telling me about them because I’m here behind the human-firewall known as "BAMAM". So of I ever want one installed I’ll have me intestines spilling out from my eye-sockets before they’ll allow it.

  4. Pasha, bringing add-ins (msi files) to the unit is an easy task if you have thr required energy.
    All you have to do is present them as "I must install it for proper debug\development\technical bullshit in one of our country-will-be-blown-away-without-it project". I remember the day when I brought ReplaceEM (for our AXL) and I asked one of the BAMAM teammates to "white it up".
    BAMAM no-fun-guy: "what does it do?".
    Me: "it’s a freeware utility which I’ll use for our application deployment, without it we won’t have the required time to set our application in the production env. on time so you must hurry!"
    BAMAM no-fun-guy: "I see, well, it’s ok, but you have a permission from your chief (1-2 stars commander) ?"
    Me: "give me two minutes and I’ll send you an approval".

    Me to commander: "Hey commander (kneeling), I must have your approval for installing a freeware for our application, I must use it so our application could be installed in production on time, do I have your OK?"
    Commander: (dazzling) "well… OK !"

    I sent the approval (email) to BAMAM and man, it worked !

    I know, this isn’t a pleasent task, but it’s doable.

    btw – add-in which will auto’ install other add-ins ? man, that great ! shit, I’m starting to loseing it…

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