“The operation could not be completed” on closing VS.NET

For some reason, every time I closed my (specific) solution from Visual Studio .NET (2003) the IDE throw an “The operation could not be completed” error. After I’ve tried to open another(different) solution in the same IDE instance, the solution was not bounded to the VSS !
I swear, this is a regular solution structure… nothing fancy;
After digging a little, and talking about it with Amir (aka “The Markowitz”), we’ve come to the conclusion that the solution (*.sln) file have problems with the VSS. It became obvious when I tried to add a file to the Solution Items and I simply couldn’t check-in the new file.

I’ve start googling about “troubleshoot VS.NET log” but no luck, I can’t seem to find a log file which will give me some more data about the “The operation could not be completed” error. I hate the “restart-your-computer” solutions style, but after I’ve spent 2 hours exploring the *.sln files, *.csproj files and tried to reproduce the problem on a different solution(tester), I was getting tired and frustrated.

As last resort, I’ve unbounded the all solution, deleted (permanently) the $/MyProject directory from the VSS and reattached the all solution to the VSS again using the recommended guideline.

Now everything is good, weird ah ?


Oren Ellenbogen


5 thoughts on ““The operation could not be completed” on closing VS.NET

  1. Hi,
    I didnt heard about this problems
    but, in the last days i working with SVN/CVS which is Open Source and until now i can say its hard to configure for the first use but after this its awesome!
    take a look http://subversion.tigris.org/


  2. Hey Dror,

    I’ve concidered this option (using SubVersion) but migrating now doesn’t seem right, simply for bad timing issue – I’ve "tasted" VSS 8 (in VS.NET 2005) and it’s looking great !
    In addition, I’ll have to convert my projects to work with SVN instead of VSS – a lot of work(no?),
    OR (easier) use VSS & SVN together which means a little(-big) maintenance headache.

    What do you think ?

  3. Hi Oren
    i heard good thinhs too about vss 8 , but the Present version disappoint me a lot!
    why migrate all the projects ? start from the next project… sometime u will stop working with the old projects….
    the question is CVS of SVN? thats the big question…


  4. Dror,
    I’m not sure that working with VSS & SVN side-by-side is a good idea, especially when VSS 8 is on its way.

    VSS v6.0d isn’t great, but it’s bearable;
    I believe that I’ll stay with VSS for now, even though I’m not so happy about the current version as well, and wait for the new version (MS – do you hear me ?!)

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